Morehouse Farms Critter Kits on Sale!

I’ve written about Morehouse Farms before.  They design the CUTEST hats and scarves and mittens that look like critters.  I’ve knit the fish school scarf and am currently working on the pink flamingo.  Next in the queue is the sheep scarf (somehow appropriate it seems).  They aren’t difficult patterns to follow, simple stitches, and now they come PDF so you don’t even have to wait!

Morehouse Farms Fish School scarf

Check out their site and see what you need to knit.   I saw the cutest elephant backpack for the little ones, and there’s a frog one, too.  Christmas is coming, and these would make great gifts.  You can order just the patterns, or the whole kit with appropriate yarns.  Or, use up those odd balls in your stash!

Trying one of these projects would be fun, and would stretch your knitting muscles, making you think outisde your normal “knitting box” as you wrap your mind around what’s happening and where you’re going. Plus, it’s a hoot to see the animals start to take form!  The pink flamingo is adorable.

I’m sure there’s someone in your world who would love a knitted critter – either scarf, hat, mittens, or backpack.

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